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Michael’s Crater On The Moon

On July 6th 2009, shortly after Michael’s death, a crater on the moon was named ‘Michael Joseph Jackson’ in his honour by the Luna Society International.

The crater, previously designated as Posidonius J, is located in the Moon’s Lake of Dreams  – Lacus Somniorum. It measures approximately twenty-two kilometers (about 13.5 miles) in diamete, and is located adjacent to a 1,200-acre parcel owned by Michael in the Lake of Dreams.

The decision to designate the crater in Michael’s honour came following a special session of the Luna Society’s governing board on Monday morning. The designation proposal had been widely suggested during the week by fans and fellow landowners following his untimely and unfortunate passing.

Michael was among the largest private owners of Lunar property claims. In addition to his significant parcel in the Lake Of Dreams, which he obtained in 2005, he also owned a smaller property in the Sea Of Vapours (Mare Vaporum).

The crater shall be officially designated as ‘Michael Joseph Jackson’ in order to differentiate it from the existing ‘Jackson,’ a seventy-one kilometer crater on the moon’s far side named for the renowned Scottish astronomer John Jackson.

Source: lunarregistry.com & MJWN, with thanks as always to Paula

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