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CBS Prime & Spark Tribute

Mumbai, India, will be paying tribute to the anniversary of Michael’s solo career on 28/29th April at 8pm, on CBS’s Prime & Spark.

The two hour special will air Michael’s Madison Square Garden Concerts from 2001, when he performed with his brothers after many years. The second hour of the show will focus especially on that reunion. Many other stars also performed at those concerts including Destiny’s Child, Chris Tucker and Usher to name but a few. Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli and Marlon Brando were also present and paid tribute to Michael during the star-studded evening.

Both Madison Square Garden concerts were sold out, and the fans were ecstatic to see Michael performing a new song ‘You Rock My World,’ from his newly released album, ‘Invincible.’

Source: www.radioandmusic.com & MJWN

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