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Paula Katsikas, an Australian Michael fan, spent last Friday in Adelaide, Australia, spreading Michael’s Messages of love. See Paula’s story below.


My story begins with a dear friend called Marjolein Lucas, who is spreading Michael’s message of Love all around the world through her beautiful and heartfelt cards, each one containing a written quotation from Michael.

Today, (Friday, March 23rd) I am going to help spread Michael’s love in my hometown, Adelaide, Australia, and what better place to start my little adventure than at the Adelaide Oval. Not because I am a keen cricket or sports fan by any means, but because of the memory that it holds for me. It was here that I was a witness to Michael’s phenomenal and spell bounding concert in 1996.

As I stand here placing a card on the grounds, I can almost hear the roar of the crowd and the thunder of Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett on the drums as Michael mesmerises us with his breathtaking performance of ‘Billie Jean.’ I recall a time and place in my life that I hold very dear and one of my most unforgettable experiences.

I knew that this had to be the first stop for me. This is where Michael made ‘HIStory’.

Next it’s off to the South Australian Museum. Walking through the different sections, past the bones of giant long gone prehistoric creatures that once ruled the Earth, I get a little emotional. I think of Michael, a giant himself on this Earth who was without a doubt the ruler of the Music World. Never long- gone though, as he will always remain close to those that loved him and way ahead of this planet to ever be considered prehistoric.

I leave cards all over the museum, in every different section. The place is crowded with people and there are cameras everywhere, so if you happen to see a headline on the News, ‘Strange lady leaves Michael Jackson cards all over our State Museum,’ you will know that it was me. I receive a couple of funny looks, but when I see that first child pick up my card and hear him shout to his mother “Look mum, it’s Michael Jackson!”, I know that my work here is nearly done.

One last destination on the agenda in the museum, and that is the Egyptian section with all the ancient artifacts. Here, next to a preserved Mummy I leave my last message of love for the next person to discover. At this moment I remember Michael’s brilliant song and dance interpretation of a Love in Egypt and it is here that I ‘Remember the Time.’
My journey continues with a quick stop to our Library. So many books stored under one big roof, shelves and shelves of them, just waiting to be read by anyone that has a thirst for knowledge. I picture Michael in his Neverland Library, turning the pages from one book to another, always wanting to enhance his mind. I always remember him saying that he read as many books as he could get his hands on.

There’s an array of subjects to choose from, but I find myself in the Children’s section pulling out a book appropriately titled ‘ABC.’ It is next to this book for obvious reasons to anyone that knows Michael’s music, that I leave his next message of love. I sit in a nearby chair for a moment and think about Michael, the little boy who had to grow up way before his time and of how he then longed for the ‘Childhood’ he never had.

The Art Gallery next door is the next stop on the list. There are no portraits or paintings of Michael here by his beloved artists, only a sense of the love and admiration that he had for Art. As I search the gallery for a painting with some sort of connection to him, I am slightly disappointed until I reach the back section in a separate room.  In this room I come across two paintings, one of the King of Kings portrayed at his crucifix, and another of someone obviously of regal decent leaning against his kingly throne.  This is the perfect place for me to rest my next cards in remembrance of a King in the Entertainment Industry. A king that to this day still remains ‘Invincible’ and has had records set that remain ‘Unbreakable.’  His message of love is left to be read by the next Art admirer that walks past.

My fifth stop for the day is the Adelaide Children’s Hospital. As I sit in the main foyer, I try to imagine how many hospitals just like this one that Michael would have visited during his lifetime. I visualise in my mind the many sad faces of sick children that he would have transformed into smiles when they would have seen him walking towards their bed with presents in hand.

Placing my card with another of Michael’s messages of love on the nearby table, I think about this extraordinary man’s beautiful heart and all the love that he had for these children. He spent most of his adult life helping them by giving up so much of his time and money in an attempt to make them feel better and many times in saving their lives.
Michael’s dream was to ‘Heal the World’ and all the children in it. He certainly played an enormous part in trying to make that dream come to life.

The day would not be complete without a visit to nature, and so I find myself wandering in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens. A tranquil and peaceful place where beautiful trees and flowers surround the area, and dirt trails lead me to the calming sound of water.

While I leave my cards in special parts of the gardens, some in the branches of the trees that I walk past, amongst the rose bushes, on one or two benches, and even at the entrance of our Bicentennial Conservatory, I think back to the love that Michael had for the planet and every living matter in it and I reflect on his words from the ‘Earth Song.’
I hope that the next person that picks up my card with Michael’s message of love will also remember his haunting speech from ‘This Is It,’ and of how he told us that if we wanted to heal the sick planet that it was up to us.

What more appropriate place to end my short journey and leave my last message of love from Michael, than in a home that symbolizes a Higher Power, for that is where Michael now resides, safe and protected and at peace in God’s arms. When asked about his special talents and gifts, he always stated that he couldn’t take credit for them himself as they came from above.

I thank Michael for the faith that he has given me and for making me believe that real live Angels do exist.  He didn’t have to have white feathered wings or perform miracles. His beautiful, caring and never ending heart earned him that title.

I guess ‘Heaven Couldn’t Wait’ to take its Angel home again.

It has been a long day as I have travelled from one location to the other each one connecting me to Michael in one way or another. I have left reminders of Michael’s love in so many different places, from a concert oval to a museum, to a library, art gallery, botanical garden, hospital and even a house of God. They are all places that are frequently visited by many people and where my cards are bound to be seen.

Today, has brought back many memories of the man who I class as one of the greatest humanitarians that ever lived, and if my messages of love from Michael have been picked up and have made even that one person, read them, smile, take note, or simply mention his name, then the mission I set out with this morning has been accomplished. For I can say to that one person that I helped you to ‘One Day In Your Life’ remember Michael and the love that he stood for.

Source: Paula Katsikas & MJWN


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