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Michael’s Ferris Wheel

Would you like to ride on a Ferris wheel once owned by Michael? If so, you’ll have your chance next weekend as part of the race experience for the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

Most of the fans at Barber Motorsports Park next weekend will be there to see one of the world’s best open-wheel racing tracks, but just behind the track in what will be known as the Red Diamond fan zone will be an attraction that may rival the race for fans attention – The Ferris wheel that once spun at the Neverland Ranch.

Rick Humphrey, VP of Zoom Motorsports, the race promoter says of the attraction; “A local concessionaire that has been a vendor here for years owns the Ferris wheel and takes it around the country and contacted us last year after we had a Ferris wheel at the Indy Car event and said, ‘Hey I have one you might be interested in,’ and sure enough, we were.” Humphrey added that this is part of their plan to make the race experience more than just about cars. “We’re all about making our activities go above and beyond what happens on the racetrack. We have no reason to believe that’s the best the fans will see.”

If you want to ride the famous Ferris wheel for yourself, you’ll need a ticket to the race and $5.00 per person to ride it. Part of that money will go to the Legacy fund, a charitable organisation. Rides start when the gates open at 8.00a.m. next Friday and run through Sunday.

Source: mfoxal.com & MJWN

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