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‘Immortal’ Is Number One

Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour is the Number 1 tour in America and has been since the show’s US premiere in Las Vegas last December, according to Pollstar magazine, the concert tour industry’s leading trade publication.

The show is breaking box office records: Over the weekend in Miami, ‘IMMORTAL’ was sold out three nights in a row and set a new record as the top grossing three day run in the history of the American Airlines Arena.  Fans around the country have been tremendously supportive, and what’s more, the show’s incredible musical performances, choreography and visuals have drawn new fans to Michael’s music and legacy.  It’s the biggest, most successful tour in the country!  This is just what Michael would have wanted and deserves.

Michael has always been and will always be the biggest star in the world thanks to his fans!

Source: MJOnline & MJWN

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