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New MJ Playstation Game

Michael’s legend will never be forgotten.  He brought us a number of classics over the years, and last year, Ubisoft opted to celebrate his legacy with the new game ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience.’  Now, he makes the journey to the PlayStation Vita in time for the system’s launch next month.

Here’s the lowdown if you haven’t checked the game out on any platforms yet. ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience,’ pays tribute to Michael with an array of his best songs, while a similar figure dances around on the screen, to an interactive background.

In the previous versions of the game, players would try to dance along to match the motions.  The PS Vita, being a handheld system, works a little bit differently. Rather than trying to dance along to the music you have to draw shapes and tap along on the screen to the fifteen included songs in the game.

These include the likes of ‘Billie Jean,’ ‘Thriller,’ ‘Beat It,’ and ‘Smooth Criminal,’ among others, and you’ll need to keep your eye out for tap-along cues, while performers dance on the screen along to the music.  Though the actual Michael obviously isn’t included, Ubisoft did go to great lengths to make sure the double fit in with the background for each video performance.

Source: gamerlivetv & MJWN

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