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Michael fan Brian Lee, from Oakham, England, is a collector of all-things Michael, and would like to get into the record books.

He has been a fan since he was a baby, and was devastated when Michael died. His collection is housed in a room which used to be the family’s garage, and he hopes it will get him into the record books. He is unable to work because of ill health, and spends his time studying Michael’s moves and characteristics for hours on end.

He has covered the walls of his MJ shrine with 1,600 photographs of Michael from various points in his solo career, which have cost him more than £600. He has books, DVDs, CDs, calendars and memorabilia piled up in corners, and he sits and listens to the music and watches the videos daily. He has even filmed his own DVD and has a You Tube channel of his performances.

He said: “I have 10 copies of everything. It has taken me sixteen months to do the DVD because of my health issues. I filmed and edited all of it myself. Sometimes after I’ve really pushed myself I’m in bed for a week afterwards. I have sent it out to all of my friends who are Michael Jackson fans around the world and they love it.”

Brian says it is these friends who have kept him going and he calls them his “family.” They are dotted around the globe from as far away as Australia and America. He said: “They support me. If I’m ever down or depressed they talk to me and make me feel better. We talk to each other about Michael and what he means to us.”

Brian says his favourite Michael song is ‘Billie Jean,’ because it was the first song he watched him perform live, aged seven. He has lost count of the number of Michael’s concerts he went to. His favourite song to perform is ‘Jam.’ Brian will keep adding to the collection. He said, “Next year I am going to start collecting replica costumes and I want to create a museum.”

In order to make it into the record books, Brian has to have five references from people who can vouch for his collection. He already has two.

See Brian in action by clicking on this link

Source: rutlandtimes.co.uk & MJWN, with thanks to Paula

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