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Favorable Ruling For ‘TII’ Insurers

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey, denied a motion by AEG Live asking that the lawsuit brought by Lloyd’s of London, be put on hold until two other legal actions by the Michael’s parents, concerning his death, are concluded.

Mackey also said he will delay setting a trial date and will appoint an evidence referee to make recommendations to him, in case any disputes arise between the two sides in exchanging information. “I know this is a multi-faceted case and I think that somewhere it’s going to settle way down the line,” Mackey said. “For what, I don’t know.”

Paul Schrieffer, attorney for Lloyd’s of London, criticized AEG’s motion. He said his clients have waited for more than two years to get the documents they need and that any such motion should have been brought months earlier. “Now they have the epiphany to come into this court and ask for a stay in this case,” Schrieffer said.

Schrieffer said he was pleased that the motion was denied. He also said he would be agreeable to the cases by Katherine and Joe Jackson being tried ahead of the Lloyd’s case so long as his clients continue to get their information from AEG Live.

Lloyd’s filed suit against AEG Live and the Michael Jackson Co. LLC last June. Lloyd’s is hoping a judge will rule it does not have to pay AEG’s $17.5 million policy, on the grounds the insurers were not told Michael was taking drugs before he died of acute Propofol intoxication, on June 25, 2009, at age 50.

The Lloyd’s lawsuit against AEG claims the company did not tell the insurer about Michael’s medical history, “including, but not limited to, his apparent prescription drug use and/or drug addiction.”  The company also alleges AEG did not disclose the star’s use of Propofol, the powerful surgical anesthetic he was being given as a sleep aid.

Michael’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter last November in Michael’s death. Murray was sentenced to four years in prison, but is expected to spend only about half that time behind bars.

Up until the last day of Michael’s life, Lloyd’s executives were asking for Michael’s medical information from AEG Live’s lawyer, who in turn was passing those requests to Murray, according to the Lloyd’s attorneys’ court papers.

In their suits, Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live for the alleged negligent hiring of Murray. That case is scheduled for trial in September. Joe Jackson’s complaint names both Murray and AEG Live. No trial date has been set. Marvin Putnam, attorney for AEG Live, said the company is not interested in settling either case.

“These are just shakedowns of my clients,” he said.

Source: wavenewspapers.com & MJWN

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