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Dennis Tompkins Passes Away

Sadly Dennis Tompkins passed away on December 2nd 2011.

Dennis and Michael Bush made thousands of outfits for Michael, both for the stage and for his personal life. They produced suits for all of his solo tours, and all fans are aware of the gold leotard, the rhinestone-encrusted American flag jacket he wore during a Washington D.C. concert, and many other remarkable stage costumes.

Perhaps most importantly, they made suits for Michael to wear during his 2005 court case. The suits he wore for his appearances in court were ‘one-offs,’ and he wore each only once; never wearing the same thing twice.

Dennis wished his illness to remain private and we honour that wish, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank Dennis for all his work for Michael. The beautiful clothing he helped to produce will forever be in the minds of Michael’s fans when they think of him performing on stage, or appearing at a public function, or just being photographed.

Rest In Peace Dennis, and thank you for your friendship with Michael.

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