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MJ The Experience HD App

Ubisoft has given Michael’s fans a reason to cheer, by recently releasing the new Michael Jackson The Experience HD app for iPad. Especially created for followers of Michael’s mean dance moves, this software will enable users to relive the period of his greatest musical hits.

This application could be a good collector’s item for diehard Michael fans as they can experience the visionary and legendary work that is synonymous with the superstar. The various game environments are based on his iconic short films and the title comes incorporated with four of the most popular tracks sung by Michael which include, ‘Beat It,’ ‘Smooth Criminal,’ ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ and ‘Speed Demon.’

Players have to master the moves shown by the Michael’s virtual avatar. They are required to draw a series of shapes with their fingers as per the choreography shown on screen. This newly unveiled game has specially been developed and optimized for multi-touch on iPad. It claims to deliver superior quality high definition graphics and sound.

The dance-oriented title comes in various languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Gamers can choose between three difficulty levels to show off their virtual precision in dancing. If the four tracks are not enough to satisfy the inner dancer, players are also allowed to groove to more tacks by making in-app purchases.

Michael Jackson The Experience HD app for iPad is now available for a price of $4.99 at the App Store.

Source: mobiletor.com & MJWN

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