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One of the stars of the ‘Immortal’ Cirque Du Soleil shows in Montreal, was Michael’s ‘Giving Tree’ which dominated the stage. It represented the tree at Neverland in which Michael liked to sit, to compose his music and where he said, he got most inspiration for his songs.

The show opened at the Mandalay Bay resort for the ‘Michael Jackson Fan Fest,’ but sadly the huge tree had been reduced in size because of size restrictions. “We got a trunk, and some videos of the tree. But this was no oak. It was, mostly, an imaginary tree.” commented one reviewer.

Jamie King, the director of the show explained, “There were some technical things to consider. With the nature of an arena show, certainly things become venue-specific. Some of the larger props, depending on the venue, we can’t always fit in. This is a low-ceiling venue, so things don’t always work.”

“The tree might well return in some form, or not,” King says. “But please remember the tree, as it was important to Jackson’s creative spirit and has been a focal point of the show “ – except in Vegas.

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Source: Lasvegasweekly.com & MJWN

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