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Henry Leutwyler has spoken of his feelings as he found many of Michael’s treasures. His book, ‘Neverland Lost, A Portrait Of Michael Jackson,’ was published in 2010, and contains the most beautiful photographs of some of Michael’s previously unseen belongings, as well as some of his most iconic jackets and gloves. He presently has an exhibition of those photographs exhibited in Moscow.

Recently, he spoke about the discoveries he made at Neverland, and his memories are recounted here:-

Good photography is like archeology, believes Henry Leutwyler. He went to Michael’s estate – the legendary Neverland – to fulfill a magazine assignment: he had to photograph the iconic white glove! To his surprise, Leutwyler found much more than that.

“Everything was packed up and prepared for an auction,” the photographer recalled. “We found thousands and thousands boxes. It was exciting in the beginning, but the more time went by, the sadder it became. Michael Jackson always complained he didn’t have a childhood. We all believe Neverland is based on ‘Peter Pan.’ To rebuild a home to live as a child and to lose it again – it’s very sad. By the way, my favourite picture in the collection is the first edition of the book.”

Source: rt.com/news & MJWN

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