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Keya Morgan knows many famous people and collects items owned by them. The story of how he met Michael in New York is related here:-

He was a teenager operating a collectibles shop in Manhattan in the mid-1990s when he met a new client and friend. He’s friends with an unusual array of famous people, many of whom he met while gathering his artifacts and information. Michael Jackson was among them. “A guy with a mask and a hood walks into my shop,” Morgan said. “It scared the living daylights out of me. I knew I was going to be robbed.” A customer who was selling gold coins to Morgan fled in fright, but when the masked man spoke, Morgan realized it was Michael. The pop icon, a well-known buyer of historical artifacts, was searching for prints of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, Morgan said.

Michael returned several times to the shop he called “a little Smithsonian on 25th Street,” Morgan said. Michael called Morgan a “time traveler” because of his passion for artifacts, ranging from his statuette from King Tut’s tomb to Muhammad Ali’s personal writings. When Morgan gave Michael a ring that once belonged to Monroe, Michael returned the favor by teaching him his trademark dance step. “He actually taught me the Moonwalk in my shop,” Morgan said, adding that he can still do the move.

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Source: edition.cnn.com & MJWN

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