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Emma, from MJ UK Fanfest has sent us the following information:

You may have seen our posting on our Facebook page regarding the forthcoming 2011 Christmas Tree Festival. Approx 200 Christmas Trees of different themes are submitted to the festival each year, with more than 1,500 visitors.

MJ UK FanFest is submitting ‘The MJ Lyric Tree’ and we want to include your favourite/most inspiring MJ lyrics, your name and location. These will be written on baubles and streamers and used to decorate the tree, along with photos of Michael visiting children.

Please email me or go here to share your favourite lyrics

Thank you!

You might also be interested to attend this MJ Street Dance event in London on Nov 19th. To read more click here


This sounds like a great effort, and well worthy of our attention!

Source: MJ UK Fan Fest & MJWN

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