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Court Delays

Judge Pastor delayed Conrad Murray’s trial until Wednesday, to give defense attorneys time to analyze new testing, that Coroner’s officials recently conducted. Testimony was canceled on Monday October 18th to enable the prosecution’s final witness, Dr. Steven Shafer, to deal with family affairs after his father died last week.

Judge Michael Pastor agreed to delay the case against Murray for another day, after defense attorneys said they needed time, to prepare for how to deal with testing the coroner’s office conducted last week, on the level of the sedative Lorazepam, in Michael’s system. Murray’s attorneys have suggested that authorities ignored the effects Lorazapam may have had on Michael, and said their own testing suggested Michael had taken eight pills before his death.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said, the defense lab’s results combine two numbers to make it seem like there was more Lorazepam in Michael’s system, than may have been present. He said the coroner’s tests show a much smaller amount was actually in Michael’s system and are inconsistent with the theory that he swallowed several pills.

Ed Chernoff, for the defense said he had numerous questions about the coroner’s testing and had asked the agency to conduct the same test before the trial began, but was told it couldn’t be done. He said he didn’t yet know what impact it will have on how Murray’s defense case is presented. Defense attorneys are expected to present their own witnesses later this week, or next week.

Judge Pastor agreed it was an issue that defense attorneys needed time to address. He ordered attorneys to give him an update at a hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

Source: news.yahoo.com & MJWN

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