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Brad & Angelina

Paula, from Australia, has surpassed herself today, by sending us a couple of photos of Brad Pitt wearing a Michael ‘Beat It,’ T-shirt, and even a quote from Angelina Jolie about how much she loved Michael!

The pictures were taken on the set of the movie ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith,’ back in 2005.  And accordingly, Brad Pitt even showed off a few Michael Jackson dance moves to crew members when he stepped out of his trailer!

Plus, when interviewed in 2000, Angelina Jolie is quoted as reminiscing,

“I think I loved Michael Jackson or something. I used to wear the leather jackets with the zippers or collars with studs on them, and I used to ask if I could go to school wearing studs.”

People of good taste!

Source: roxychell-allaboutmj.blogspot.com & MJWN, thanking Paula as usual


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