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“Angel Of Care”

After the recording of Michael’s voice was heard in court on Wednesday, Michael’s drummer, Jonathan Moffett wrote the following heartfelt message directed to all those who ever doubted Michael.

NOW will you understand? Those of you who doubted…Those of you who accused…Those of you who were so insensitive? Those who didn’t and couldn’t understand? You ridiculed, judged, persecuted and hounded….Drove him into the ground! Now, do you see? After hearing the recordings yesterday – The recordings from the heart of his soul? Even when and while he was in the control of and under the influence of his handlers, who aided, abetted and supplied his impairment of state of being he was focused on caring – caring for others. Dedicating his future, his life, his heart, his mind and his soul to the needs of those, who are left to suffer. Even in the face of what he was dealing with was evident on the betrayal taped recording. From a genuine loving man…these sentiments flowed. “My babies!” “My children!” “I must help them.” “They need help.” “I want to help them.” “I love them all!” Angelic indeed! A loving man who walked and labored among us. Bore compassion for and with others in mind – Can you finally see the beautiful man? Wonderful human being?  Truly, honestly wonderful! The ‘angel among us doing God’s Work. God’s will. Behind the scenes, un-publicized. Hopes and dreams recorded in private…though by betrayal.

Those who doubted…You NOW have compassion for the one who showed, had and bore compassion for and towards SO many others in dire need. All those who now will never come to know, the benefits of his hearts desire to help them. Help that because of what has been done, will and shall never come. Help, now never to arrive for all those he spoke and hurt for. Children all over the world who needed him. All those with no hope – His help and caring was forthcoming. Now, never to be realized. Thus, they’ll continue to suffer, trapped within their spirits, hearts, souls and minds of depression. For their ‘ANGEL OF CARE’ has been taken away by negligence.

Jonathan Moffett

Source: MJWN with special thanks to Jonathan Moffett & Paula


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