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In an exclusive interview with the ‘Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive,’ magazine, which is a publication of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, Omer Bhatti gives insight into his new music video ‘Life Is a Movie,’ which he has dedicated to Michael. They have shared the following article with us:

“Omer Bhatti (O-Bee) is probably best-known for his long-standing friendship and association with Michael, but he is, in his own right, a gifted and passionate artist. Omer is also a very private person, having endured considerable media interest in his personal life and his relationship with Michael, so it was to our delight that he agreed to an exclusive interview for the October 1 issue of ‘Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive’ magazine, a publication of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.

In his interview, Omer shares with us the inspiration behind ‘Life Is A Movie,’ and what he learned from his mentor and greatest inspiration.

O-Bee: My new single ‘Life Is A Movie,’ is a very personal song dealing with life under the media’s microscope. It’s a lyrical and visual insight into some of the scrutiny I have had to endure. It’s not criticism on any one person, but I hope it will open the window to my world with a fresh approach. The song is also influenced by the words, training, and experiences of my mentor.

O-Bee: One of the mottos I live by is “RISE ABOVE,” meaning, not to fall down over obstacles and roadblocks in life, but rather Rise Above them. I got that from him. He gave me lots of great advice, and if you take another listen to the song, you will hear some of the lines are actually quotes straight from him, as for example, “The bigger the star, the bigger the target.”’ He would always say that.

Omer is also donating an autographed, black hat, spotlighted in ‘Life is a Movie,’ that he has worn in several of his videos, for a special fundraiser on The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.

O-Bee: I am known for always wearing hats (cap), so one of the items I will donate is one of my favorite hats. It is the black hat I use in the main dance scene for the ‘Life Is A Movie’ music video. This hat is extra special to me since it is the hat I have worn the most.The hat will be autographed by Omer especially for the winner of the raffle.

Second place winner will receive an autographed full-size poster of O-Bee. The fundraiser runs through October 31, and the donations received will be used to help keep Michael’s Tribute Portrait website and charitable activities alive and well.”

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Source: With thanks to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait & MJWN

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