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Drum To Michael’s Tune

In this most interesting article about the drummers Michael used to create his music, Jonathan Moffett ranked highly. This was because he played on Michael’s primary tours, at the July 7th Memorial, and would have been used on the ‘This Is It’ concerts.

He also played with the Jackson 5 on the ‘Destiny Tour’ in 1979, and the ‘Triumph Tour’ in 1981. For The Jackson’s ‘Victory Tour’ in 1984, Jonathan had an expensive custom drum rack built. He then used all Gibraltar hardware for Michael’s ‘History Tour’ in 1996-97 and Janet Jackson’s ‘Janet Tour’ in 1993-1994. Jonathan was a close personal friend of Michael’s and remains close with the entire Jackson family.

Michael said Jonathan’s drum rigs are a work of art. Jonathan plays DW kits with Zildjian Cymbals.

The article continues, mentioning other drummers who played for Michael, including Ricky Lawson (‘Bad’ and ‘Dangerous’ Tours); Pailinho Da Costa recorded on several of Michael’s tracks; Leon Ndugu Chancler (‘Billie Jean’) ; and Jeff Porcaro (who played on ‘Thriller’ tracks, plus many more.)

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Source: diy.gibraltarhardware.com & MJWN, with thanks again to Paula

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