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Al Sharpton Speaks

One strong voice that has been sharing the memory of Michael is Al Sharpton. In a very pointed view, Sharpton reminds the world who is on trial.

Introduced to Michael at a young age, there isn’t any doubt Sharpton has witnessed his tribulations over the years, but he gives the intellectual fact to who really is in the courtroom facing charges.

“Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial this week. Accused of violating standards of medical care by leaving Michael unattended and failing to call 911, his Defense will do whatever they can to keep him from serving jail time. They’ll argue his innocence, his years of service and most importantly, they will attempt to put Michael on trial yet again,” writes Al Sharpton for the Huffington Post.  “As I told Michael’s children during his funeral in ’09, there was nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with,” says Al Sharpton.

Source: Huffington Post & MJWN

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Gone Too Soon
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