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Defense Strategy

Anderson Cooper, a reporter on CNN has discussed Conrad Murray’s defense strategy with Doctor Sanjay Gupta, Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos. Doctor Gupta has spoken to Defense members, who gave him specific details of their strategy.
Their case will state that Murray gave Michael Propofol and ten minutes later left the room.

At that time, they will say, Michael, who was feigning sleep, got out of bed, took 8 x 2milligrams of Lorazepam pills and injected himself with more Propofol through the port in his leg. (This seems strange, because in opening statements they said that he had orally ingested the Propofol, now today they say he has injected himself). They will also make the claim that Murray had no knowledge of the Demerol he was taking from Doctor Klein.

Marcia Clark’s opinion was that it was outrageous that Murray did not call 911 for assistance.

Mark Geragos explained that he may have thought it better to treat him, as he is in fact a cardiologist.

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Source: CNN & MJWN

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