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Michael & Propofol

CBS News has speculated on Michael’s physical condition after arriving home after his last rehearsal for ‘This Is It’ and his ensuing insomnia. Murray’s Involuntary Manslaughter trial will be dominated, says CBS, by his use, (or misuse), of the drug Propofol.

The drug is intended specifically for use in a hospital environment, with specific safeguards on hand at all times and uninterrupted monitoring.

Getting to the truth of what happened that night will come down to sometimes technical testimony from an array of medical experts, pathologists and even the police officers and paramedics who inspected Murray’s equipment in the bedroom where Michael went into cardiac arrest.

The defense theory, based on evidence that a trace amount of propofol, 0.13 milligrams, was found in Michael’s stomach, was that he drank the Propofol.

The drug is administered intravenously, usually during surgery. Scientific witnesses may be asked to explain how it could have gotten into his stomach. Some doctors say ingesting it orally is almost unheard of.

“It’s an odd, on-the-edge defense theory,” said Dr. Gil Tepper, chief of staff at Miracle Mile Medical Center in Los Angeles. “It would not put you to sleep and it would move through the system very rapidly, causing awful diarrhea.”

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Source: CBSnews & MJWN

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