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Michael’s Drawing Competition

Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett has been kind enough to share a memory with us about a drawing competition he had once with Michael. Here is what he said.

“Michael was an amazing graphic artist. He drew a piece in my drawing tablet I brought with me ‘in ink,’ on departure from their home for the ‘Destiny’ spring tour that year, only a week after I joined The Jacksons way back in 1979. Even while we were riding, bumping around in a moving tour Wennibego custom motor home, which we used as a tour bus! It was incredible! Right in front of me, while I struggled in pencil to try to draw the same type of thing. It was a drawing contest which HE proposed when he found out from the Musical Director, my friend James McField who told him just before that I could draw. In ten minutes he had drawn a ‘Masterpiece!’ In ten minutes…I saw his…and balled mine up and threw it in the trash! MAN! He signed HIS for me, and I’ve had it for all these years. I had it framed and it’s amongst my Most Treasured Possessions! It is fantastic…Trust me!”

Source: Jonathan Moffett & MJWN with special thanks to Paula

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