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Michael Would Not Flee

Tom Mesereau, who was instrumental in Michael’s 2005 acquittal, has spoken of Jermaine Jackson’s claim that Michael would have fled the U.S.A. if he had been found guilty in his molestation trial.

Mr. Mesereau claims he was told several years after the trial ended that Santa Barbara, California police considered the possibility that violence might ensue if a jury found Michael guilty. He also claims police expressed particular concern about the Nation of Islam seeking retaliation. With that in mind, the plan in place would’ve seen Michael taken into immediate custody and taken via helicopter to a Lompoc, California. prison facility. He would have never been out of a law-enforcement officers’ sight, let alone custody – Therefore, there would have been no opportunity for escape.

Mr. Mesereau also states that Michael was nothing less than cooperative during the proceedings and never once discussed fleeing.

Source: TMZ, yidio.com & MJWN

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