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Songs That Changed History

Pete Seeger asserted that, ‘The right song at the right time can change history.” Time Out has assembled a panel of musicians, historians and enthusiasts to debate and collate the 100 songs that have had the most significant impact on real-world events – culturally, socially and politically.

Duncan Nicholls of Time Out has told us that Michael’s ‘Billie Jean” has made the list and he has sent us the link to the website so we can check them all out for ourselves/

To see the list with results and who nominated them, please click here.

“Some of these are songs that have inspired collective action, some were anthems of unity at historic moments and others were played with purpose at critical points in time,” says Time Out. “We stand by our version of history, but feel free to disagree and suggest which songs we missed in the comments section, by visiting them on Facebook or on Twitter.

Michael came in at Number 61, with ‘Billie Jean’ Live at Motown 25!

Source: Time Out & MJWN with thanks to Duncan

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