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Fake MJ FaceBook Page

Cyber criminals are again using their deceitful techniques to turn people’s good intentions into bad deeds. The birthday of Michael Jackson is a memorable date to all his fans, who wanted to draw the attention of the world and commemorate the birth of the music icon. Two years after his unexpected death, his fans are still determined to celebrate his birthday. However, hackers decided to use this memorial date as a deception tool and they created a page on Facebook. The page was titled ‘I Love Michael Jackson’ and it was intended to gather Michael’s fans who would like to show their respect to the idol.

Harmless as it may seem, posting on the wall of this page hides a secret threat. In the left column of the page there are the “Info” and “Photo” sections. Just below them there are three offers. They are aimed at misleading some of the visitors of the page into believing in them, although they are not real. You will see that you can “Get a FREE iPad 2”, “Take the Facebook survey to claim a FREE prize” or “Test & Keep a FREE Dell laptop.” If you try to get a free iPad, you will have to agree to receive emails and offers from third parties. Not only that, but you will have to submit your personal details such as name, address, email address, date of birth, cell phone and home phone number. Then you will be prompted to participate in a survey and “complete at least 10 Reward Offers.”

Eventually you will see that you will not receive an iPad or any other compensation. On the contrary, you will realize you have submitted your personal information to scammers and now they can use it in every possible way they want.

Advice…Don’t Go There!

Source: PC1News.com & MJWN

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