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Prosecutors Urge Evidence Secrecy

In documents filed on Wednesday, Conrad Murray’s prosecutors want to delay disclosure of coroner and fire department records on Michael’s death, to prevent leaks to the media before the trial begins.

Prosecutors say that leaks will be inevitable if the reports are released for the civil case in which Lloyds of London is suing AEG over the insurance policy for Michael’s 50 ‘This Is It’ concerts.

The prosecutors asked that materials, including Michael’s autopsy photos, remain sealed until the conclusion of the involuntary manslaughter trial for Dr. Conrad Murray.

Noting that Murray’s case has received “significant, unrelenting media attention,” they said any media leaks also would complicate jury selection for that criminal trial, which begins September 8th.

Prosecutors predicted that those with access to the evidence would be offered money for any information. They also said some of the material sought in the lawsuit may never be admitted in evidence at thecriminal trial.

Source: ctv.ca.com & MJWN

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