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Jonathan’s Birthday Message

We have received Jonathan Moffett’s thoughts and birthday wishes for Michael, which we know he would like to share with you today. Happy Birthday Michael! We Love You, by Jonathan Phillip Moffett.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the Birth of “THE GIFT”…Michael Jackson.

‘A Special Delivery’ Destined to ‘Move The World Towards Love’ . .L.O.V.E!

Tonight at midnight, the celebration begins, world round!!! Then, and throughout the day…”Stand And Be Counted, in ‘The Flock Of Love’ through his Unity…”Testify Here! Add your name and testimony to his list of ‘Messengers’. For ‘Mike’s Sake’…” Can I get a Witness?!!!”

Much Love To You All,

Jonathan Moffett

“Spread The Love!!!”

Source: MJWN, with thanks to Jonathan Moffett and Paula

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In The Closet
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