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‘I Remember Michael’

Paula Katsikas has sent us another great review – This time she has been listening to Adam Rafferty’s tribute to Michael called ‘I Remember Michael.’ Here is Paula’s review.


Adam Rafferty, one of the world’s finest guitarists and well known for his funky finger-style playing, has just released a beautiful tribute CD to the King Of Pop called ‘I Remember Michael.’ The CD features fifteen well known Michael Jackson tracks.

The album begins with one of Michael’s earlier tracks, ’I Want You Back’, which became a number one hit single by the Jackson 5 in 1970. Adam does an amazing rendition of the song on guitar. The next track is ‘Rock With You’ from Michael’s ‘Off The Wall’ album. Here Adam gives a much groovier and funkier tempo. His guitar playing just takes you back to 1979 to Michael singing this song with his sequenced outfit and will delight the listener.

This is followed by the ballad ‘Human Nature,’ from Michael’s ‘Thriller’ album which was released in 1983. Adam does nothing but give Michael’s beautiful ballad justice. His arrangement here is just brilliant. Trying to reproduce any Michael Jackson song with a solo guitar is not an easy task, but Adam makes it seem effortless. Another track is ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.  Here, Adam does a  deeper acoustic and fun flavour with a touch of the blues.

Other ballads on the CD include ‘I’ll Be There,’ recorded by the Jackson 5 in 1970 during their Motown years, ‘Lady In My Life,’ another track from ‘Thriller’ and one that Adam delivers a more smoother and seductive sound, and the emotional track ‘She’s Out Of My Life,’ which was the fourth single to be released from Michael’s ‘Off The Wall’ album in 1979.  A captivating rendition of all three ballads by Adam.

Another song that needs to be mentioned is ‘Thriller,’ Michael’s masterpiece. Adam starts ‘Thriller’ of in an ingenious way, simulating some of the creepy and ghoulish sounds you hear on the original song. He takes your imagination to Michael and all the zombies dancing in unison to his tune as he builds up the tempo and sounds. Truly a thriller of an effort on Adam’s part -from the start of this tune, right through to the finish.

One of my favourites on the album has got to be ‘Billie Jean,’ again from the ‘Thriller’ album and one of the best selling singles of 1983. Another standout arrangement by Adam.

Adam also does a funky arrangement of ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,’ which will have you dancing along to the tune and I know that everyone will agree that they can’t get enough of Adam’s guitar playing.

Other tracks include the mesmerising ‘Ben,’ ‘Liberian Girl,’ and ‘Off The Wall,’ the title track from Michael’s first solo album. Adam’s incredible interpretation will take people back to the Disco era with his Brass Groove.

He appropriately ends his tribute album with what has become a Michael anthem, ‘Man In The Mirror.’ Here, Adam reminds us of the man that wanted to make the world a better place and took a look at himself and then made that change.  Adam shows nothing but respect for the man called Michael Jackson with his outstanding arrangement.

It is amazing how Adam with his solo finger-style guitar playing technique and arrangements can deliver a sound so close to the real thing. The whole CD is a truly moving tribute and Adam’s passion for Michael is highlighted in every tune. From one brilliant track to the next, it is bound to make a lasting impression, on not just people from the guitar world, but to all Michael Jackson fans as well. A real delight to listen to with that ‘Wow’ factor and a sincere dedication to Michael by Adam.

To see Adam speaking about Michael’s music and here samples of ‘I Remember Michael,’ please click here.

For more information on Adam and his CD Tribute to Michael, ‘I Remember Michael,’ please click here.


1. I Want You Back
2. Rock With You
3. Human Nature
4. The Way You Make Me Feel
5. I’ll Be There
6. Thriller
7. Liberian Girl
8. ABC
9. Ben
10. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
11. Lady In My Life
12. Billie Jean
13. She’s Out of My Life
14. Off the Wall
15. Man In the Mirror

Paula Katsikas

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