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Revival 2011

Around five hundred of Michael’s fans gathered in Shanghai yesterday to hold a remembrance concert for the “King of Pop,” who would have been fifty-three next Monday. Themed as ‘Revival 2011,’ the three-hour show at Mao Livehouse on Chongqing Road, featured performances of the songs and dance techniques that made Michael an international superstar. Fans  from around China, together with foreigners, gathered in Shanghai for the show. Tickets were one hundred yuan, which is about sixteen dollars.

People of all ages cheered and danced along to the performances. “It’s a great show, and my whole family came along,” said Jaywant Malkani  from Mumbai, India. Malkani attended the concert with four family members, all Michael fans. “I learned about this concert from a magazine,” he said. The concert was organized by the Michael Jackson Shanghai fan club. It was founded in 2008 and has more than four thousand members, mostly Shanghai residents, and holds regular meetings and parties.

“Michael Jackson’s spirit crosses the boundaries of nations and races, genders and religions, with billions of people drawn to his music and dance,” said the concert’s program director and one of the seven main performers surnamed Zhao.

This was the second “Revival” show. Last year’s show attracted four hundred fans.

Source: english.eastday.com & MJWN

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