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Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for Michael’s Estate, has written to Global Live, the organizers of the ‘Michael Forever Tribute Concert,’ requesting answers to concerns raised by the Estate.

He stated that the Estate’s main concern was that of protecting Michael’s image, his legacy and his intellectual property, which includes his name, his image, his music, or any of the trademarks which belong to the Estate.

Mr Weitzman’s first point was to express disappointment and extraordinary embarrassment at the hiring of the band Kiss, which includes guitarist Gene Simmons, who has maintained that Michael was guilty of the alleged child abuse, even after Michael passed away.

The ticketing policy was queried, with ticket prices ranging from fifty-five to two hundred and forty pounds (ninety to three hundred and ninety dollars,) with requests for information on the donations to charity, and who was to benefit from the revenue from the concert.

Mr Weitzman also addressed the issue of value for money for the fans, a point which was always very dear to Michael’s heart, where his fans were concerned. The letter was polite but business like, and asked questions most fans had been asking, since the tribute concert was announced.

To view the entire letter, it can be downloaded here.

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