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Jonathan Moffett, great friend of Michael, has given us permission to use the term he uses to describe Michael’s wonderful nature. See if you agree!

Moffett Dictionary, Definition: ‘Michaelology’

The daily practice and application of ‘Fun and Innocence of Spirit’ in One’s Life!!! – The Art Of Caring, Concern, and Endeavoring to be ‘Instrumental’ to ‘Make A Difference’ in People’s Lives and the World Around ‘You’ AND ‘Us’. – The ‘Art Of Unselfish Giving’, For Giving and Helping Sake alone, Without ‘Asking or ‘Expectation’ in return – Being Humble, while in the ‘Stature and Status Of ‘GREATNESS’. – For ‘Being Aware’, ‘Knowledgeable’ and ‘Concerned’ about our world around us, and conditions that affect ‘Us All’, through ‘Our Mother’ that bore and nurtured us. ‘Mother Earth’…”

This…is what M.J. was all about. Lightness in heart, enjoying the ‘simple fun pleasures’ in life, and ‘The Childlike Institution Of Love’, With A Child’s Heart…If we have learned ‘Anything’ from and about him in his life…We should ALL strive and endeavour to…BE ‘Mike-like’!!! ‘Search your soul.’

The Child Is Still There.

Source: MJWN, with special thanks to Jonathan Moffett & Paula

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In The Closet
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