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Bozeman Classic 5K Race

The annual First Security Bozeman Classic on Saturday sported many of the usual traditions, including seven zombies standing in the median on Kagy Boulevard, dancing to Michael’s songs.

Liz McCutcheon and a half-dozen friends continued what has become a tradition alongside the race itself by dressing in costume.

“Zombies have been a big trend these days and we really like to dance,” McCutcheon said. “We needed an excuse to learn Thriller, and this seemed like the perfect time.”

The group spent the previous two days learning the choreography and putting together the costumes. When the race came around, the group turned up the iPod and blasted Michael throughout their journey. On Kagy, they assembled and danced to the song ‘Thriller.’

“We love Michael, and it’s just fun. We look forward to it every year,” Whitney Adams said. “Everyone wanted to run with us because we had the stereo and played music.”

Source: bozemandailychronicle & MJWN

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