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Michael’s Meteorite

Michael’s fans may be interested in the following unusual piece of Michael memorabilia, which is being auctioned by the Robert Elliott Meteorite Collection, at a sale organized by Lyon and Turnbull auctioneers, in Edinburgh on August 17th at 2 p.m.

The Robert Elliott Meteorite Collection: Part II – Sale 326 – Lot 40


• Polished half individual
• 559g
• Estimate £250-350

An African Meteorite was found in the Sahara Desert in 1998; this stone meteorite flew around the Solar System for four and a half billion years, before lining up perfectly with planet Earth for a crash landing on the sands of the Sahara Desert. Several thousand years later, it was picked up by a wandering nomad and sold through a Moroccan trader into the Robert Elliott Meteorite Collection.

Many celebrities enjoy owning a little piece of the Universe, including pop legend Michael. In the summer of 2002, through his friendship with Uri Geller, Rob supplied a small meteorite gift to Michael. This must have struck the right chord, as a phone call came through from Michael’s camp, requesting another, larger meteorite, but this time it was required, “in the shape of a star.”

Sculpting meteorites into star-shapes isn’t one of Rob’s specialties, so a compromise was reached and the stone meteorite, which had fallen in the Sahara Desert thousands of years earlier, was cut in two. Both halves of the meteorite were then polished to a high lustre, each revealing a myriad of shiny, bright metallic flecks mixed within the dark stony insides of the meteorite. Catch it in the light and these flecks come alive, closely mimicking the bright stars of the Milky Way in the night sky.

One half was sold to Michael in 2003, and this five hundred and fifty-nine gram half, remained in Rob’s collection, until now. For more information on registration and bidding, please click here.

Please let us know if you are the successful bidder!

Source: lyonandturnbull.com & MJWN, with special thanks to Peter Swan

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