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HSO Plays Michael

On July 15th the Hartford Symphony Orchestra presented ‘The Music Of Michael Jackson,’ at the Talcott Mountain Music Festival.

James Delisco performing as Michael, was entertaining to watch as both a singer and a dancer, but the crowd of fans who came with their silver gloves, white socks and loafers and an ability to dance that, at times, rivaled Delisco himself! He invited fans to join him on stage for a dance-off, and was surprised when a four-year-old boy, Ryan Patrick Pelletier, was first to appear. So there was Ryan Jr., dancing on stage with Delisco, in front of more than one thousand people. His choreography included some very fancy footwork; shrugging shoulders; and a lot of attitude. Ryan held his own with Delisco, as did many of the young people who followed him on stage. It was an unexpected part of the evening’s entertainment.

Source: simsbutypatch.com & MJWN

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