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We have received an official statement from MJ Online with regards to publicity surrounding LaToya Jackson’s book.

Fans have asked the Estate to elaborate on its decision to respond to some of LaToya Jackson’s comments as she promoted her new book, as well as its decision not to respond formally to a false and erroneous report out of Australia that allegedly quoted Aaron Carter as saying he and Michael used drugs together.

If someone severely misrepresents the facts surrounding Michael’s Estate and makes serious, reckless and false accusations that go unanswered, it demeans and maligns Michael’s memory and legacy, and may also potentially hurt the business of the Estate, thereby affecting the future earnings that benefit Michael’s beneficiaries.

When a tabloid report like the Aaron Carter story occurs, involving claims made by people who knew Michael during his life, the Estate always must ask the same questions: how credible is the source; can it be verified; and would issuing a public response only put an unwarranted spotlight on a questionable, negative story about Michael the Estate has no desire to publicize?

In this case, the Executors knew the account came from a marginal celebrity gossip site, and was conducted by a journalist with a long history of controversy involving Michael and his family. Furthermore, the Executors also knew Aaron Carter had previously denied the allegations to People magazine, something that was noted to any media who asked the Estate about the report. In the end, the Estate believes the story took care of itself: Aaron Carter’s decision to refute it himself was the best solution, in that it called the most attention possible to the credibility of this story. Any benefit from the Estate calling out irresponsible media reportage could then possibly be outweighed by the detriment of even more media spotlight on a bogus story.

As for LaToya Jackson, the Estate felt compelled to respond to irresponsible and untruthful statements that were defamatory, and which grossly misrepresented facts that are in the public court record. LaToya was going on many television shows, repeating some of the same bogus info, and the Estate felt it important to try and contain any additional/future damage beyond that which had already been done, and, sadly, which had already started to be repeated as fact by other media to promote their sites or sell their news reports.

It’s probably an impossible task to make decisions that everyone likes. Some will agree, some will disagree, but in the end, it is the ultimate responsibility of the Co-Executors to fulfill their obligations per Michael’s wishes by doing what they think best in each and every instance, to protect, preserve, and grow Michael’s legacy and memory for Michael and his fans, and to protect, preserve and grow the Estate for its beneficiaries.

Source: MJ Online & MJWN

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