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Re-Open The Rialto!

The Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena was the location for the theatre shots at the beginning of Michael’s ‘Thriller,’ short film.
Even before Michael used it this was an iconic theatre for thousands of people living in that area. “Oh, I loved the Rialto. I took my family to see the last movie shown there, ‘Ratatouille,'” Margaret Finnegan commented on Patch. “Everything about the place was charming, including legends of ghosts and freckly candy sellers.”

From the workers, to the history, to the architecture, locals could reminisce about the theatre for hours. What many people didn’t know was that it was used by Michael for the theatre scene at the beginning of the most famous short film in the world…’Thriller,’ which is now held in perpetuity in the National Archives.

Maybe the Rialto could benefit from some of the work done by groups working on the renovation and re-opening of historic landmarks such as this.

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Source: southpasadena.patch.com & MJWN

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