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Tribute In Adelaide

Paula Katsikas has sent us a report from the Adelaide World Cry 2011 tribute to Michael.

Many fans all over the world paid tribute to Michael on his 2nd Anniversary this 25th June, 2011. Fans here in Australia did the same, including a large group that came together for Adelaide World Cry 2011. It was a cold winter morning, but many braved the cold and were present for the event that began at 7.00 a.m. Sunday morning our time, to coincide with World Cry time in L.A. It may have been cold, but our hearts were warmed with our memory and love of Michael.

We began with a candlelight vigil to Michael’s song ‘CRY,’ where we all sang the song in unison with all the fans all over the world. This was followed by a number of poems being read out by various people, and other Michael songs and tributes, including Jonathan Moffett’s beautiful tribute to Michael called ‘FLAME.’ A didgeridoo, symbolic of Australia was also played in honour of Michael. Ten white doves were later released together into the sky to fly and be free just like our Michael is now.

Fans were also treated to a special surprise organised by the ambassador of the Adelaide event, Helena Wilcox with the help of friends. Through the Sydney Observatory, a Star had officially been named in writing after Michael, complete with official documentation and instructions of how to find Michael’s star that were handed to all the people in attendance.

Michael has brought many people together over the years through his music and dance, but what continues bringing people together even after death is his beautiful heart.

From everyone here in Adelaide, Australia, we LOVE you Michael!

Source: Paula Katsikas & MJWN

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