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Tribute Song ‘Flame’

Jonathan Moffett has written to us and asked us to share his tribute song to Michael, marking the 2 year anniversary of Michael’s passing. Download the song ‘Flame’ here.

“Hello MJWN Fan Club,

Enclosed please find my song which I dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson. My friend, My mentor, My inspiration, ‘My Brother In Heart.’ ‘Flame’ (for L.O.V.E. of M.J.) is my vocal song version of an ‘Original’ which I had been holding onto for the past 13 years since writing it with a friend. The lyrics, all of which I wrote, as well as the music concept, came from a place which I felt deeply within, in a ‘Knowing Way, as if they were the experiences I was encountering at that time of authoring. But, little did I know that…I would ‘Come To Know’ and relate to them 1st hand, in relativity to my relationship and experiences with Michael through the many years in association, and the emotional feeling and sentiments I would come to have. So Many Years Later as is Now with his loss, they ring in ‘Reality.’

I know in my heart, that the ‘Millions’, perhaps ‘Billions’ of M.J. Fans relate to these words and sentiments too! I have known and been affiliated with Michael for over ‘Half Of Both’ of our lives. Together, ‘We Have HiStory.’ A ‘Union Of Souls’ of sort, as we possessed ‘Magic’ on stage together. ‘Telekinesis,’ in the way we felt one another in performance. I could read his mind and spirit, in an uncanny way. As if we were ‘Tethered’ together. His ‘Slightest Inflections’ of a dance move, I could feel, and somehow, know the appropriate sound and ‘Hit’ or ‘Accent’ to apply. It was and seemed ‘Automatic’ somehow. We were in Sync totally!!! I can’t really truly explain it. But, it was real, and it would happen each, and every night in show. A Blessing we had together. That’s why I say, “When we lost Michael…’I’ lost my Dance Partner”. I miss that, And him, very much.

I truly hope feel this song and Bless it in tribute, honor and dedication the ‘Greatest Entertainer Ever To Live! One of the Greatest Philanthropist the world has Ever Known. And…For the last 25 years of his short life…The Most Powerful Man On Earth. His Power, was Love. And Nothing, Trumps Love. L.O.V.E.

“Much Love To You ALL,”

Jonathan Moffett
(“M.J.’s “Foot”)”

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