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Nashville Flash Mob

Traffic on Nashville’s Lower Broadway was stopped for a short time as a flash mob of almost one hundred people danced to ‘Beat It.’

The internet was used to tell people about the flash mob, and friends invited other friends to join them in dancing to pay tribute to Michael.

Organiser, Kristin Dabbs, had choreographer Charee Balm send out a tutorial video, so people could get used to the moves before they showed up for the event, which started at 7.00p.m. The dancers lined Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenues waiting for the music to start. As soon as it began the Police moved patrol cars into place blocking traffic. That is when Trent Dabbs, wearing a Michael t-shirt, moved into the street and started dancing.

The crowd joined in and filled that section of Lower Broadway with their dance moves. Country singer and dancer Laura Bell Bundy was one of the people who took part in this flash mob. After a few minutes, the music faded down and the flash mob cleared the street, very excited about what just happened. “It was like, so cool,” said one young participant.

“I think it went well. Nobody got run over, so that was good,” said Kristin Dabbs. Many of the people who came out said the flash mob was an opportunity they could not pass up. “I’ve just seen them happen before. I’ve seen them online and on TV. And as soon as she told me about it I was like, yes, I definitely want to be a part of that,” said Marianne Keith who was visiting Nashville from Los Angeles.

Trent Dabbs was the first person out on the street. His birthday inspired the flash mob. Dabbs admitted to being a little nervous as the song started. “I was in the front so I couldn’t see much of what was going on, so I was just saying a prayer,” Dabbs said.

Metro Police did not stop the flash mob. Officers stopped traffic for the short time the dancers were on the street. The entire scene was over in less than five minutes.

Source: newschannel5.com & MJWN

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