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‘Behind The Mask’ Video

The idea for a video for the release of ‘Behind The Mask,’ from the album ‘Michael’ has really worked amazingly well.

The ‘Behind the Mask’ video project was launched earlier this year when Michael’s fans were invited to send in footage of themselves, performing to the song. Fans from all over the world have taken part paying tribute to Michael, some sing, some dance, many are dressed in Michael clothing, some pose, literally, behind a mask.

Dennis Liu has compiled the video from 1,600 shots from 103 countries, into a four and a half minute video.”(It’s) the most exciting and most fun project I think I’ve ever been involved in,” the director said.

The video was launched yesterday on Youtube and Face Book, and seems to have solved the problem of producing a posthumous video for the single.

Comments on Youtube have been complimentary about the fan-made video, and many fans are ecstatic about taking part.

On Facebook where the video was premiered it says;

Groundbreaking “Crowdsourced” Video Debuted June 14th on facebook.com/MichaelJackson!

This groundbreaking, global online casting call prompted people in all corners of the planet who love Michael Jackson’s music to shoot, upload and submit their own unique performances for inclusion in the video; the project elicited an unprecedented response from 103 countries in the world. The 35 million Facebook fans of Michael Jackson will get the first look at this landmark video.

To watch the video, please click the link at the top of this page.

Source: tntmagazine.com & MJWN

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