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Earlier this year an essay was written and published on mjmessage.wordpress.com which was deeply moving and absolutely correct, in its perceptions about Michael’s treatment by the press, the authorities and the media in general.
The article covers his health, his ideas, the values included in his music and his work generally. It also describes the positive effect Michael had (and still has,) on his fans, their lives and efforts to improve, not just themselves, but also how they could help the people around them.
Michael’s influence on the world in general was so badly misinterpreted, and transformed into negativity by so many.
There was so much injustice purposely used against him, that it amounted to bullying. The final straw came when the ‘Discovery Channel,’ planned to show a reconstruction of his autopsy, in the name of entertainment! The crassness of this plan was felt around the world, and it was cancelled only when there was an outcry against the Channel.

If you would like to read the article, please click here

Source: mjmessage.com & MJWN, with many thanks to Paula

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