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Michael’s Last Portrait

Kelly Fajack, a forty-two year old photographer from California, has told the Santa Monica Patch website about his career, shooting everything from fashion to travel.

He shot the image for an African nation’s currency, photographed Barack Obama and took the last portrait of the Jackson family before Michael died. He told Santa Monica Patch he also attended a surprise private party for Michael’s mother on her seventy-ninth birthday.

“I was blown away, man, it was gnarly,” he said. He picked up his iPhone and found the gallery of Jackson photos before handing it to the reporter to flip through. “After an hour, Michael was constantly tugging on my arm, saying, ‘Take pictures of me with the kids!’ It’s like; this is freaking Michael Jackson grabbing me!”

Fajack said every living member of Michael’s family was there, and was the last time his family saw him one month before his death.

“I was in shock,” Fajack said, “and I’ve photographed or been with every celebrity there is.”

Source: Santa Monica Patch & MJWN

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