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York County Thriller

It wasn’t a typical day at the York County Courthouse, Pennsylvania, but rather a ‘thrilling’ one! Dozens of local leaders and attorneys were all out breaking it down to Michael.

In flash mob form judges and lawyers burst into their own rendition of ‘Thriller,’ complete with scary masks and all the moves.

It was to promote the Barstools production of “how to succeed in law without really trying,” a show at the York Little Theater opening this Thursday.

This is the fourteenth year the York County Bar Foundation has put on a show, it’s their largest fundraiser and it features at least fifty local judges and attorneys

“Totally out of their element, very few have any stage experience,” said Producer/Director Tom O’Shea. “They are lawyers so they think that because they can act, they can perform. But I make them sing, I make them dance, I make them do musical parody.”

The piece performed Tuesday afternoon is just one of the acts in the show. Tuesday was just a quick preview but by the time they were finished there was quite a crowd on George Street.

To see a video clip, please click here

Tickets for the Barstools Production are twenty dollars and available through the York Little Theater.

Source: whptv.com & MJWN

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