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Brad Sundberg

Brad Sundberg worked with Michael for over eighteen years, on the ‘Bad’ album and numerous projects at Neverland, including the design and installation of various sound systems.

Brad speaks highly of Michael, and it is refreshing to note that he does not claim to be his best friend, like many other celebrities who have recalled their dealings with Michael.

He speaks in depth of Michael’s professionalism, his poor driving, and his work in the recording studio, which is fascinating. He also recalls Michael’s love of providing food from his own chefs every Friday during the recording of the ‘Bad’ album, which he called ‘Family Day.’

He watched in amazement as Michael wrote songs. He recalled Michael speaking of his childhood with tears in his eyes. He also spoke of his own work at Neverland, providing sound systems, which were, of course, very important to Michael.

This whole article is a fascinating glimpse into the sides of Michael his fans don’t easily get to know, and as such it is priceless!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

To read Brad’s fascinating recollections, please click here

Source: mjj-777.com & MJWN, with thanks to Paula.

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