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Clinark On MJ

At the end of last year we told you about Clinark, a reggae singer from Bermuda, who had released an album, ‘Tribute To Michael Jackson – ‘A Legend And A Warrior,’ which is still available on iTunes and other online music distributors.

He is to appear at the ‘Make A Better World Foundation and a Better Community For All’s,’ second annual convention, raising funds for Haiti, Japan, and Missing Children in honour of Michael’s memory, on June 27th 2011.

If you need any further information about ticketing, venue, etc, you can contact the organizer, Pepper Simone, at the ‘Make A Better World Foundation; please click here

There is also a tribute book for Michael, entitled ‘Wings Of An Angel,’ which was compiled by German born Martina Kainz, which is a collection of poems, stories, reviews, pictures etc., written by Michael’s fans. Clinark has also contributed to this book, speaking about Michael’s influence on his life and career. It is currently available on Amazon.

For further information on Clinark, visit his website here:

Source: Clinark & MJWN

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