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Murray Versus The Jacksons

Conrad Murray’s defense team has hired Mark Fierro to represent him in the upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial.

Fierro has worked as press liaison for some celebrities in the past, and has been retained by attorneys Ed Chernoff and Michael Flanagan, in an assignment which will draw major national and international interest. He also is up against a formidable press spin machine in the Jackson family.

If Fierro is to try to help balance the scales in the court of public opinion, he better start early. Just Thursday Michael’s mother, Katherine, made herself available to raise the issue of her disappointment that Murray faces no worse than a four-year prison sentence if convicted.

“Sometimes I think, why have a trial if … the maximum sentence is only four years,” she said in an Associated Press story.

Included in the article is the news that the bereaved Mrs. Jackson plans to attend the trial daily.

She told AP, “I’ll be there, but it just hurts me because my son is gone and for forever and this man is trying to get away and get off. He needs to be punished.”

Source: lvrj.com/news & MJWN

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