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MTV’s Music Royalty

MTV’s ‘Music Royalty’ Results have been published after a quarter of a million music fans voted.

Michael was voted ‘Senior Sovereign,’ but appeared to lose the title ‘King Of Pop,’ to Eminem who is, after all, a rapper, not a pop singer.
A questionable result!

Here are the other results, if you are interested:-

Your King Of Pop:

Your Queen of Pop:
Britney Spears

Your Princess of Pop:
Avril Lavigne

Your Prince of Pop:
Justin Bieber

Your Lords of Rock:
30 Seconds To Mars

Your Earls of Indie:

Your King of Rap:

Your Dance-Hall Queen:

Your Senior Sovereign:
Michael Jackson

Your Knight of the Turntable:
David Guetta

Source: MTV.com & MJWN, with thanks to Paul.

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