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MJ Experience Xbox 360 Review

With the Nintendo Wii version of the Michael Jackson Experience a firm favourite with me and my friends, the Xbox 360 version with Kinect just blows it out of the water!

The Kinect is not only a groundbreaking product we all wish we had whilst growing up, but it takes dancing and performing like the King of Pop to a new level. With it, moves have to be more accurate, from shaking your
head to kicking your feet, as the Kinect monitors everything…And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! That’s right, now you can choose to
sing along and be awarded points based on your singing ability (don’t worry, auto-tune is a built in factor).

The magic of seeing yourself on stage and being placed in the game, really is like being placed in Michael’s loafers. As the camera pans around and you’re on screen being cheered on by the crowd, you can’t help but take it in like Michael did so well, dancing around the stage, only not looking even half as cool and easy as he made it. It’s like an out of body experience!

Warm up is important for this game. Whilst you spin and shake your hips with the Wii version, accuracy and speed is key to the Xbox 360 game. And unlike you lazy Wii players who like to just shake the remote, there’s no cheating to be had on this one!

Party mode is great as you jump in and out of the action and your friends take turns. I found that as they were performing for the audience, I was there out of sight practicing along with them. It’s hard to stop when all you want to do is dance!

If you have both consoles you may want to consider purchasing the game again. In their own ways, they both bring something different to the table. The Wii game is more fun, whilst the Xbox 360 game is far more rewarding in achievement and I would say that both games are a must in a ‘Michael’ fans household as you can pretty much look at them as two different games…This is a whole other Michael Jackson Experience!

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