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Murray’s Ladies

In court on Thursday, Judge Pastor heard the prosecution speak of Conrad Murray’s complicated personal life and his many relationships.

The Defense has asked that his personal life be kept out of the this trial, but the prosecution pointed out that on the morning of Michael’s death, Murray spoke to at least three of his girlfriends on the telephone, possibly while Michael was actually dying.

The prosecution claim that he made eleven phone calls, while he should have been monitoring Michael’s condition. According to court documents he telephoned Sade Anding, a 24 year old waitress, minutes before he asked for an ambulance to be called. Many more salacious details were revealed in papers supplied to the court by the prosecution.

“The details of these relationships are relevant to show Dr Murray’s level of inattentiveness and distraction,” wrote Deputy District Attorney David Walgren.

Superior Court judge Michael Pastor has set a hearing on all pending motions for April 21st. Jury selection resumes on May 4th.

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Source: Daily Mail Online & MJWN

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